The main ingredient of any kind of party or event is the “food”. The food must be tempting both in taste and presentation. The presentation of the food when done in stylish way, it enhances the taste along with the experience of the guests partaking the food. Nowadays it is difficult to afford traditional tableware of bone china crockery and glass ware which were the only way to add elegance and style to food in old days.

Disposable Tableware 447x283 3 Major Benefits of Using Eco friendly Catering Disposables

The use of disposable tableware nowadays is more convenient and affordable to people and offer several benefits and variety to professionals in the catering business. The materials in which these disposables are available in are: paper, foam, and aluminium. You can select the one from the variety available according to your requirement of budget and style.

Benefits of Disposable Tableware

  • They are beneficial for large scale events as well as for the fast food stores too. This has enabled them to provide the guests and patrons with liberty of having food anywhere they please without thinking about the crockery.
  • The disposable packaging like sandwich packaging has also brought a new revolution in the food industry. They come as single used packaging which decreases the risk of bacteria induction in the food items when compared to reusable packaging options. You do not need to wash them and thus save a lot of water and energy as unlike that of reusable packaging.
  • You can enjoy a meal of sandwich anywhere you want according to your convenience because of the disposable packaging. The food remains hot for a longer time with the use of insulated food packaging and also reduces the risk of spoiling the food item because of lack of adequate temperature. Thus, you must select catering disposables over the reusable tableware since former can provide you liberty along with convenience and low cost.

Presently when the environment is being threatened and destroyed in small quantities by the reckless ways of the human kind everyday; you are required to contribute our small bit towardsthe safety of environment. With the technological advancement, the new products are easily destroying the environment by increasing the carbon footprint that you leave on this planet.

The sunlight was absorbed by the prehistoric plants and stored as carbon in forms such as oil, gas, and coal. Using these resources extensively is putting back the carbon in the environment at a faster rate than plants can absorb it. And these are being used to produce more rubbish which will remain on the earth for thousands of years to come.

According to a research, approximately 70,000 tonnes of paper cups are used in UK every year which is enough for seven billion drinks. The negative impact of these products is twice in magnitude. First in production, which for oil-based plastics can lead to significant carbon emissions and second after use, they will sit in landfill for centuries to come. Thus, we must opt to use environment friendly disposable tableware.

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