If you’re planning any kind of outdoor event, whether it be a wedding, outdoor food festival or music concert, you’ll need to hire some portable restrooms for the comfort of your visitors. What things do you need to consider before you make the final decision?

Bathroom sign 5 Tips When Renting a Portable Restroom

Here are five tips to help you ensure that you’ve considered all the logistics. 

How Many Do You Need and What Is Your Budget?

You need to consider firstly the expected number of visitors to your event and the length of the event. On average, each person will use a restroom every four hours. You can find some very handy calculators online which will make it easy for you to calculate the number of portable restrooms you’ll need. As a rough guide if you’re expecting 30 people and the event will last for 1-4 hours, 1 restroom for each gender is sufficient.

On the other hand, if you’re expecting 1000 people to attend your event and the event is expected to last about 8 hours you’ll should plan on getting about 12 restrooms. These estimates refer only to single restrooms of course but you can also rent restroom trailers with multiple facilities in each one. Have a look at Satellite Suites restroom trailers to see the many different models you can rent depending on the kind of function you’re hosting.

Are You Hiring Restrooms for a Wedding?

For an outdoor wedding where there are no convenient restrooms nearby you’ll need to consider carefully the type of restroom facilities you’ll need. Make sure that the restrooms have large mirrors, sink areas and maybe even consider family rooms.

As weddings are a more formal type of function you need to ensure that your guests are comfortable with the provided facilities.

Who Will Be Attending Your Event?

If your event is likely to attract older visitors or people with disabilities, you should ensure that you have a number of wheelchair accessible restrooms. In fact, you should ensure that 10 percent of the total number of restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

What Type of Event Are You Hosting?

If your guests will be drinking alcohol at your event, you should plan on having 20 percent more restrooms available than the standard guide. Or maybe you’re running a craft or fashion festival and you expect mainly female patrons. If this is the case, plan on having 25 percent more portable restrooms available.

What Added Facilities Should You Consider?

There are portable restrooms available which include an entertainment package including speakers inside the restrooms. These would be ideal for music concerts and festivals so that your guests do not miss any of the entertainment when they need to take a bathroom break.

Some restroom hire companies even offer a valet service so that your restrooms are monitored for usage and cleaned regularly. This is very important for longer events such as weekend festivals.

So, if you’re planning any type of outdoor event, don’t forget to ensure that you’ll have plenty of portable restrooms available. Have a look for a restroom calculator online and then add some extras if you are expecting mainly female visitors to your event or you are serving alcohol.

And finally, always ensure that 10 percent of your portable restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

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