One of the single most important factors behind the development eco-friendly technology is the element of cost. This applies doubly when the energy that a business or organization needs is substantial enough to be a significant portion of its business expenses, like web hosting provider or electronic retail outlets. As businesses try to cut costs, technology becomes greener year after year. Here are some of the more recent innovations in green technology.

Becoming More green 5 Ways Technology Is Becoming More Green Each Year

Improved Solar Cells

Although the earliest iterations of solar technology were largely inefficient and expensive, solar cells have been improving with every generation since. The latest silicon semiconductors are more and more efficient at collecting solar energy from the sun’s rays. As these cells improve in efficiency, it takes fewer to produce a given amount of power and reduces one of the largest sources of cost for installing solar panels – installation.

More Efficient Computing

If you’re running a server database, odds are you’re only using a small fraction of your total computing capacity at any given time. When servers draw the same amount of energy regardless of how much stress they’re under, there’s a huge amount of used power that is essentially wasted. But with the recent development of Power Assure technology, it’s now possible to adjust the computing power of systems in real time to amend supply and demand in a way that keeps user experiences unhindered and saves a lot of energy.

Naturally Cooled Data centers

At any given data center, about half of all the power involved in the operation belongs to the massive cooling systems that are required to keep the servers running at optimally cool temperatures 24 hours a day. As a consequence, some have taken to developing servers for open-air environments that allow you to block out dirt and humidity while utilizing natural low temperatures to keep the hardware cooled naturally. By cutting the cooling out of the equation, these newly designed open-air servers can cut energy costs in half for anyone who lives in a region where the technology is viable.

Smarter Healthcare

One of the largest energy consumers in the world is the healthcare sector, and that’s one of the reasons that reducing energy consumption has been a priority for most hospitals in the past few years. Many have launched their own energy saving initiatives to try and curtail energy costs, including everything from new energy efficient monitors to turning spare biogas into electricity to help with day to day operations.

Home Security and Automation

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that your local home security company is probably on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly energy practices. Besides the usual suspects of eco-friendly home products like energy efficient bulbs, some of the latest additions to Vivint home automation are taking green energy to a whole new level. With a smart thermostat, appliance control, and lighting control, today it’s possible to maintain control over the power usage in your home from just about anywhere.

The Big Picture

Financial incentives have proven one of the best motivations for developing green technology. The more expensive energy is, the greater the barrier to businesses and individuals around the world that depend on it. Although there’s still a lot that has to be done, every year that financial incentive drives green technology one step further. From efficiently designed servers to the next solar cell, we can be certain that green technology will only keep improving for the immediate future.

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