Today, various sustainable habits and activities are being promoted by different environmental organizations to help protect and conserve our Mother Earth. One of the common methods in preserving our environment is by doing recycling. Typically, recycling starts in household—whether you are living in a mansion or condominium.

Recycle Bin 6 Easy Ways to Recycle at Home

Recycling has various environmental benefits, such as it conserves natural resources, energy efficient, and reduces the emissions of air and water pollutants. With all the given advantages of recycling, it is important that we should all begin doing this now and start saving our environment. Here are 6 easy and simple ways on how to do recycling at your humble abode.

Bottles and Cans

Did you know that plastic takes up to 1 000 years to degrade in a landfill? Plastics are durable and have a strong resistance to decomposition, making it one of the leading wastes in the world. That is why empty plastic or glass bottles and even tin cans do not need to go straight to trash bins after being used. Did you know that there are several ways on how to reuse or repurpose these items? Glass bottles and tin cans can be reuse as containers for condiments, pantry stuff, or art materials. On the other hand, plastic bottles can be used as a flower pot. Just cut the plastic into half and fill the lower part of the bottle with soil and your preferred plant. Moreover, plastics bags can also be reuse. You can use it as a shopping bag the next time you visit a grocery store.

Food Scraps

Food waste is one the major problem worldwide. To help in reducing the food waste in in your home, do composting. Composting is a method of mixing decayed plants that can be used to improve soil nutrition. Fill your empty bin with leaves, grass cuttings, tea bags, vegetable and fruit peelings, and scrap of salad leaves. Place your compost bin a sunny position on a bare soil. Doing this will give you a supply of compost for a year. Apart from reducing food wastes sent to landfill, composting eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers, saving you from spending money to buy chemical fertilizers.

Repurpose Old Clothes

Having a pile of worn-out clothes in your closet? Worry not. Old clothes can be used as a cleaning rag in the kitchen instead of buying a new one. Your favorite t-shirt can be reuse as a shopping bag. Cut your old jeans and combine it with a flannel to create a soft and comfy quilt.


The stack of old newspapers and magazines in that corner of your house can create cool crafts. You can produce colorful envelopes, coasters, unique gift bags, and Christmas tree ornaments. Newspapers can be used to wipe your kitchen countertop and oily pots and pans, too
Recycling is good for the environment and people. Doing so will conserve and protect the Mother Earth giving us and the future generation a sustainable place to live in.
So by the time you will purchase your own house or a condo for sale at The Fort, don’t forget to make your humble abode an environmentally-responsible and eco-friendly place by engaging in recycling.

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