Environmental wellness encourages you to recognize your impact on the world and embrace a less environmentally damaging lifestyle. Environmental wellness finds its roots with a nature writer, Aldo Leopold. Leopold’s writing heavily informs environmental stewardship, which advocates for a sustainable resource use and environmental conservation. You can think of environmental wellness as applied environmental stewardship and here are six reasons why it is important.

6 Facts of Why Enviromental Wellness is Important 6 Facts of Why Environmental Wellness is Important

Limits Physical Waste

A key element in environmental wellness is recycling. Some estimates suggest that as much as half of the material that people throw away could be recycled. Recycling helps to reduce the strain on an overtaxed landfill system, provides material for industry and reduces the amount of natural resources that must be extracted from the earth.

Conserves Finite Resources

Less than 3 percent of all water on earth is fresh water and less than 1 percent of that water is accessible for human use. Turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth can conserve gallons of water every day. Turning off lights and televisions when you leave the room can directly reduce demand for coal, natural gas and nuclear material.

Improves Personal Wellness

A person engaged in environmental wellness seeks ways to enjoy outdoor recreation, which provides several benefits. Exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight boosts your body’s vitamin D production, which is good for mental well-being. Moderate outdoor activity also improves your cardiovascular health and gives you a chance to socialize with like-minded friends.

Air Quality

Activities such as recycling, walking instead of driving and cutting back on energy consumption in the home all cut the amount of pollution going into the air. Air pollution reduction improves air quality and lessens the odds of exacerbating respiratory conditions.

Teaches Environmental Responsibility

The environmental wellness lifestyle lets you teach by example. Rather than talking about the environment woes, you act in a way that shows others how to treat the environment in a responsible way like Frank L. Vandersloot and many others that help promote both personal and environmental wellness.

Leaves a Livable World

As a branch of environmental stewardship, environmental wellness encourages you to take steps that preserve the world in a livable condition for future generations. By reducing your environmental impact and teaching your children to do the same, you are actively engaged in creating a future Earth that can support humanity.

Environmental wellness isn’t about abandoning modern life. It’s about lifestyle changes that let you enjoy modern life while supporting environmental health, improving personal well-being and leaving behind a livable world.

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