Advanced Geosciences, Inc., or AGI, is renowned for manufacturing top quality geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems. A number of benefits are associated with the typical geophysical instrument at AGI.

powersting system AGI Geophysical Instrument

An example of such a AGI geophysical instrument is the PowerSting system. The PowerSting system includes an SGS generator coupled with a wireless repeater box. The PowerSting is able to operate both in a wireless and a wired mode, depending on particular needs and project specifications. The applications associated with the PowerSting include 2D electrical imaging as well as 3D electrical imaging.

In addition, the system’s applications include 3D offset electrical imaging of a two dimensional survey line. This is accomplished in both automatic as well as manual modes associated with the PowerSting system.

Another example of an AGI geophysical instrument is the MiniSting Earth Resistivity Meter. The MiniSting is a low cost instrument ideally suited to smaller jobs and applications that include soil resistivity testing as well as electrical grounding-grid testing. The MiniSting can be operated either in an automatic of a manual mode, depending on the particular specifications of a project.

Other similar types of AGI geophysical instrument products also provide a range of useful applications, depending upon a user’s needs, goals and objectives.

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