With the amount of maintenance and water required to keep lawns lushly green, is it a surprise that so many homeowners are looking for alternatives to the traditional green grass lawn? Lawns are labour intensive, costly and for most homeowners, simply unnecessary unless they have a family that actually uses the lawn as a play area, which in the modern era with most people favouring indoor lifestyles, most don’t.

Easigrass 447x335 Alternatives For Your Green Lawn

Natural alternatives

Many homeowners have been opting for groundcover plants and clover as an alternative to grass lawns because there are a number of advantages associated with groundcovers and clover over grass. There are some wonderful groundcovers to look into, like Alyssum and Juniper, as there are clovers like Dutch White and Yellow Blossom. Turning the lawn into large gardens resplendent with walkways is another alternative, as are ornamental grasses which are easier to maintain, plus many varieties flower and they’re generally more pest-resistant than conventional grasses.

Another popular alternative to the conventional lawn is to use moss plants, an excellent option for those with shady gardens, since moss plants require little maintenance, they’re low growing and form very attractive dense green mats.

Artificial lawns

Other homeowners have done away with plants altogether and are instead opting for artificial grass and turf, a popular choice now that the price of artificial grass and turf has come down so much, plus these alternatives are also much easier to maintain because they don’t require fertilising, mowing, trimming, watering or weeding.

Furthermore, they’re also a popular alternative to grass lawns around pools because no longer does grass get stuck to the soles of wet feet and end up in the pool, plus artificial grass doesn’t die upon coming into contact with chlorinated water, a consideration many homeowners seemingly forget all about.

Benefits of conventional grass lawns

It is, however, difficult to deny that that grass lawns have their benefits – absorbing airborne pollutants, reducing contaminants from rainwater runoff and preventing soil erosion to name a few – so if you’d like to still have a grass lawn but would like to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining it you could look at alternatives like those listed above (clovers, groundcover plants, moss and fake grass) for the majority of your lawn space and just keep enough for the kids to play.

If you choose to do so, you might like to look at keeping just enough to mow with a manual lawnmower – one that doesn’t use petrol and will therefore help to reduce your carbon footprints – as this will also reduce the cost of maintaining your lawn.

Selecting an alternative

If you’re looking for an alternative to the conventional green grass lawn you’ll need to give thought to a variety of factors, including what you use it for and how often you use it. This is, for many homeowners, the reason why they look at alternatives to conventional grass lawns; because they don’t get enough use out of their lawn to justify the time and money they spend maintaining it. If you don’t use your lawn very often then it’s in your best interests to look at alternatives, which you have a number to choose from as discussed above.

Another option that’s available to homeowners is to turn their lawn into a vegetable garden to grown their own vegetables. This is a trend that we’ve been seeing more and more of, for not only does it make great use of a space that would otherwise go to waste, but it also provides homeowners and their families with a constant supply of fresh, home grown produce.

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