Are you paying over the odds for your business energy? Do you want to save money by reducing energy costs but aren’t sure how to go about it? To make the change involves little more than a free phone call or a visit to a website, and pretty soon you could be saving a packet on energy and adding the same to your bottom line.

 As a business owner are you paying over the odds for energy?

Is it really criminal?

The current power supplier which supplies electricity and/or gas in to your business premises is guilty of a crime. Well, maybe not a crime exactly but they’re hardly likely to beat a path to your door with the latest guide to business electricity prices comparison. Another thing is they’re very unlikely to tell you there is a cheaper tariff you could be on. Neither are they likely to tell you how much you could potentially save by switching to a cheaper tariff or for that matter inform you one of their competitors has a better rate, are they?

The only way to see what is available to you in your local geographic area is by making a free phone call or navigating to a business electricity prices comparison website such as the Energy Advice Line. Navigate to the site if you have an internet connection (as most people do nowadays) or make a free phone call and in a couple of minutes you could be on your way to saving a wedge of money long in to the future.

Dual savings on business energy

Domestic customers, depending on their usage, can save as much as four hundred pounds a year by signing up to a dual fuel contract of supply. Most of the energy suppliers in the UK offer big discounts to be able to supply gas and electricity to residential and business customers in the UK. Business users tend to use far more than a residence and therefore the potential savings can run into many thousands of pounds a year. The first saving is made by having a single supply standing charge as opposed to a standing charge for gas and electricity supply. The second saving which is made is the lower unit cost, either per therm with gas or per kilowatt hour for electricity.

These savings can further be enhanced if you choose a supplier which sources energy from sustainable resources such as solar, wind and hydro generation. If you undertake to have solar panels installed on the roof you can obtain what is known as a feed in tariff.

Making the change

With that single phone call or website visit you can change your bottom line for the better. You won’t notice the change and supplies aren’t interrupted; in fact, you probably won’t have anyone come calling to carry out any work. The first sign you’ll get is when the next energy bill comes in at a vast reduction compared to what you may have been paying.

My suggestion is to be seated when you open the first bill, and have a bottle of bubbly on hand to celebrate (non alcoholic at work of course).

Mike is a freelance writer and blogger and has recently reduced the amount he pays for energy by making a business electricity prices comparison at the Energy Advice Line.

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