If you enjoy living an eco-friendly lifestyle, going eco-friendly in death might just be for you. There are many benefits to choosing eco-friendly memorial plaques. Cleaner air, better environment, and a low carbon footprint are just some of the reasons to purchase eco-friendly memorial plaques. These plaques aren’t just easy on the environment but are cost-efficient as well. What is the difference between eco-friendly and traditional memorial plaques?

natural welsh slate remembrance plaque 447x302 Benefits of Eco Friendly Memorial Plaques

Less pollutions

The traditional way of making memorial plaques is very harsh on the environment. Metal casting foundries pollute the air with poisonous gasses and other harmful emissions. These metal foundries leave a huge carbon footprint in the form of liquid emissions, solid waste, and slag wastes. The generation of poisonous wastes takes its toll on human, plant, and animal life. Purchasing eco-friendly memorial plaques is a step towards a better future for our ecosystem.

Low carbon footprint

One benefit of eco-friendly memorial plaques is that the carbon footprint is low. Often times the moulds that were used to make the memorial plaques is recycled which means less waste and less raw materials needed. The process to make eco-friendly memorial plaques gives off little to no harmful gas emissions. You can leave this world knowing that your had little to no impact on the environment. Cost efficiency is another great benefit for those who chooses to buy eco-friendly memorial plaques.

Low cost

Many people are on a budget when it comes to purchasing items such as memorial plaques. Traditional memorial plaques can weigh as well as cost a lot. Eco-friendly memorial plaques usually weigh less which makes them easier to ship. The light-weight material used when making eco-friendly memorial plaques means that lower cost for customers. Buying from local businesses not only help keep the cost down but also cuts down on fuel emissions. The less fuel and energy used the more the environment will benefit from eco-friendly memorial plaques. This will cut down the fuel emission on the environment. Purchasing a memorial plaque that is eco-friendly means honoring those who had preferred a green lifestyle.

Honoring a green lifestyle

Many young people look to those who are near them for inspiration and guidance. By buying an eco-friendly memorial plaque, you will be helping the next generation to understand the importance of a being green even in death. Having a positive influence on young people will help to ensure a brighter and greener future for generations to come. It will also help the younger generation understand the need to protect the environment around them.

The benefits of eco-friendly memorial plaques is that they are economical. They have little to no impact on the environment and you would be leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation of eco-friendly people. The process to make the traditional memorial plaques damage the environment through waste and air pollution. These plaques also cost more to make. Choosing an eco-friendly memorial plaque will leave you and your love ones with peace of mind and reassurance that you will be leaving this world a bit better than it was before.


Victoria recommends using eco-friendly memorial plaques.

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