· Bio plastics generally refer to a class of materials lacking the conventional plastic contents and are considered to be either biodegradable or bio based or even a combination of the two. The bio based plastics are those that are partly made of biomass, these are plant materials like stems of sugarcane, cellulose and even corn. Similarly, the biodegradable ones are those that have undergone a chemical procedure during which micro-organisms present in the environment are converted into natural components like carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Australia environment Bio Plastic Role In Autralia

Nevertheless, for this procedure to be successful some natural conditions are necessary. This procedure depends fully on the surrounding natural conditions like temperature and location, on the components themselves, and on the application. Scientifically, biodegradability is usually an innate property of particular bio plastic materials which can positively advantage given applications like the service ware and bio waste bags.

The role of bio plastics in Australia:

· These bio plastics are having a great role in Australia when it comes to packaging, gastronomy, agriculture, automotive and consumer electronics just to mention but a few. In these arcade segments, bio plastics are mostly applicable in the processing of wanted products meant for short period application like mulch films, catering products, and durable applications like interior components for auto-motives or mobile phone covers.

· In Australia, bio plastics are used for making disposable items like crockery, pots, cutlery, straws, and bowls. They are also used for manufacturing egg cartons, bag trays, vegetable containers, fruit containers, blister foils, meat packaging, bottling for soft drinks and packaging dairy products.

· These bio plastics are also used in the in disposable applications like carpet fibers, fuel lines, plastic piping, pen casings and insulation of cars. Apparent electro-active bio plastics are of recent being processed and are of use in the carrying of electrical current. The idea behind this motive is generally to make items and products from the sustainable and readily available resources.

Why the use of bio plastics instead of plastics is common in Australia

· Bio plastics are driving the advancement of plastics in Australia. There are major advantages of the bio based plastic products as compared to their conventional ones. These include; they conserve fossil resources by use of biomass which themselves regenerate and provide the sole potential of carbon neutrality.

· Furthermore, biodegradability is considered as an odd-on quality of particular types of bio plastics. It ensures extra means of recovery at the close of a product’s life.

· The medical implants designed from bio plastics can easily dissolve in the body and can save patients a second operation. Compostable mulch films too can be manufactured from the starch polymers and then applied in the field of agriculture. The films easily disintegrate in the soil and thus there is no need of the farmer going back in bid to collect them.

Environmental effects of bio plastics in Australia 

· The environmental effects of bio plastics has always been debated in Australia , due to the several number of diverse metrics for greenness, for instance energy use, water use, biodegradation, deforestation, etc. And tradeoffs usually exist. The debate has also been made hard by the fact that diverse types of bio plastics exist, each with dissimilar environmental strength and weakness.

· Nevertheless, it has been proven that the introduction of bio plastics in Australia has made it one of the cleanest states in the world and with your Australian visa you can have a chance to prove this by yourself.


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