If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly plastic material, Grafix Acetate is the right material for you! Biodegradable Acetate film and sheet from Grafix® is a cast cellulose acetate polymer film. The sheet manufactured from Wood Pulp and Cotton Linters

masthd02 Biodegradable Acetate film and sheet
Free of heavy metals, complies with RoHS standards. No use of hazardous plasticizers or other carcinogenic materials. Cellulose Acetate based film has been an industry standard in graphic arts, packaging, printing, overlays, and many other applications for over 50 years. When Incinerated, Grafix Acetate produces only CO2, Water and non-toxic ash. Now certified as 100% compostable, Grafix Acetate film is ideal for a range of applications where a low environmental impact material is required.

Source: http://www.grafixplastics.com


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