Biodegradable Bags

October 13, 2014

Ecology is a topic that will be discussed more and more often in our lives. It is only natural to pay closer attention to the state we put the environment in, for after all we are part of it. Pollution, climate change and search for clean water are all global problems of today that require effort and resources from many corporations and countries working together for a solution. It is surely a challenging task, which creates innovative solutions.

Biodegradable trash bags Biodegradable Bags

It is possible, in many ways, for a single household to contribute for a greener environment. A simple and effective way is biodegradable bags.

What is that?

Biodegradable bags are made of material that can decompose to biomass in nature and leave less or no harmful waste given certain conditions. The material they are made from includes additives, which provide a mechanism for the bag to degrade. The end result may be the same, but the time it takes for the whole process of degradation can vary greatly.

Where can they be found?

It may be surprising to some, but biodegradable bags are already part of our lives. A lot of companies and stores use them in their business instead of regular plastic bags. This greener version is also largely available on the market for people to purchase and use in their activities.

What are the benefits of biodegradable bags?

One of the benefits of biodegradable material is that it takes much less time to turn into biomass, carbon dioxide or water, leading to less environmental stress and pollution. Another benefit is that this biodegradable product is now common enough and can be made readily available worldwide. Traditional plastic often times include harmful by-products and toxins, which are damaging to health, while bio-bags emit little to no greenhouse emissions. This means that a positive effect on the environment is not directly felt, but rather we can feel the absence of the bad effects from plastic bags. Also applicable during your regular house clearing and decluttering chores.

Biodegradable bags 412x400 Biodegradable Bags

Are there any disadvantages?

The cost of biodegradable products is higher, due to the fact they require a different method of production. Because of the different materials used in them, the quality of these bags sometimes greatly differs. And while it is true they have way less negative environmental impact, disposing of them requires special facilities. Another important trait – being biodegradable certainly does not mean that it can be thrown away just about anywhere.

Should we use them?

If you are an eco-friendly person, and wish to contribute to a safer and greener environment, then the answer is a resounding ‘YES’. Biodegradable products take much less energy to produce, and while they do have some disadvantages to them, it is certain that every bio-bag used is one plastic bag less to threaten the health of the environment.

With biodegradable bags on the rise, it is only natural to consider them an essential part of our life. It doesn’t require much effort on our side, but the environment will surely feel it.

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