Most of lubricants that used by engines, autos and all of machines which can moving. When the maintenance time coming, it need to change and throw away, all of them will be the waste and somewhere drain into the nature wellspring and make the environmental problem. Therefore, I would like to admire the companies that produce the Biodegradable Lubricants and we should use them if you have a change.

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Rapidly Biodegradable Lubricants
Over the years, FUCHS has gathered a wealth of experience with all types of biodegradable lubricants and functional fluids which led to the development of the PLANTO product range. The technical properties of these products are equal to normal mineral oil based products and, in some characteristics, even show an improvement.

In respect of environmental compatibility, statements regarding the ecological behaviour of these products are backed up by reproducible, understandable and standardized laboratory tests. Numerous applications are already covered by the impressive FUCHS PLANTO product range and the constant demand for new products drives an especially dynamic development programme.

Panolin lubricants
Panolin lubricants are available exclusively in the UK & Ireland from Cardev International Ltd. The saturated ester base oils used in Panolin’s range of biodegradable lubricants are environmentally considerate without compromising performance or durability.

Chain Bar Lubricants
ARBOROL is a vegetable based biodegradable lubricant designed for chain saw bars and chains.Its viscosity is modified, which increase the operating temperature range of the product. Compared with conventional mineral oils, the product has an excellent viscosity index, which reduces product thinning at high temperature. The pour point is reduced which allows the product to be used at very low temperatures.

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Arborol Ultimateis a vegetable based biodegradable lubricant designed for chain saw bars and chains. It has a unique feature in that it may be diluted in water by up to 1 part in four and used as highly effective lubricant and coolant. Oil / water ratios may be reduced to 1 part in two if operators decide they prefer a more viscous product, and should be used without water if frost is expected and equipment is subject to sub-zero conditions.

Hydraulic Fluids
The DELPHINIUS R range are vegetable based biodegradable lubricants designed for hydraulic systems. They contain biodegradable viscosity modifiers, antioxidants, pour point depressants, anti-foam and anti-wear additives. They have an excellent viscosity index which gives a wide temperature range of application.


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