As its name suggests is a type of plastic, which can be decomposed naturally, thus less harmful to the environment. Biodegradable plastic can be composed from renewable raw materials. Environment savior biodegradable plastic is a great method to take all the advantages of the plastic yet save the environment. This is the reason why biodegradable bags are gaining popularity.

Biodegradable Plastic 447x336 Biodegradable Plastic: The Benefits

As we all know that most of the retail packaging is done with the help of plastic packaging products and the booming packaging industry is a potential threat to our environment. The boom in this plastic packaging sector is coming at the cost of our environment. Nowadays, the use of plastic is unlimited as even one cannot imagine his life without the plastics, for example the advertising companies are making the use of plastic heavily for their advertising banners. Plastic is cheap, durable but harmful to the environment. According to a survey more than 2.5 billion plastic bags per year are dumped in an average sized country alone.

Ordinary plastic: A threat to the atmosphere

It is not like that the ordinary plastic is un-degradable, but it takes hundreds of years for ordinary plastic to degrade. If it is not done properly then plastic can be the food of any animal causing the loss of their life. It is also the reason of greenhouse gas emission and pollution and even more harmful because it generates several types of harmful gases.

Why biodegradable plastic?

There are many sanctions created against the plastic bags in many countries but none were successful because nobody can ignore the importance of plastic. The scientists are thinking about creating a material which can take that effectiveness and usability of plastics and avoid its harmful things, and they came up with biodegradable plastic. Also the replacement of the ordinary plastic has to be cost-effective otherwise people will hesitate to accept it. There are several replacements suggested by the scientists before the biodegradable plastic but none was found to be effective. These replacements were not the proper match or proper answer for cheap, low weight and water resistant plastic.

Sometimes paper bags are suggested to be a replacement of plastic but researchers revealed that more paper bags will cause even more harm to the environment because it will directly envolve cutting of the trees and paper bag industries will create even more pollution. Recycling the plastic was considered as an option but failed because not all the people in USA collected their plastic waste, and it is not possible to gain all the used plastic back for recycling. Actually, less than 2% plastic bags are recycling in USA per year.

This is the only method found to be effective against the ordinary plastic. The manufacturing of biodegradable plastic involves the use of addictive like D2W and EPI combined with the film of polythene during the manufacturing process. The lifespan of biodegradable plastic is dependent upon the substances use while manufacturing and the environmental condition in which the biodegradable plastic left to degrade. These bags are naturally degraded by heat, light and oxygen.

Nowadays, many plastics manufacturing companies are coming in this way and focusing on manufacturing biodegradable plastic to save our environment, which is a good sign.

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e6 Biodegradable Plastic: The Benefits


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  • iva says:

    May I ask how long it takes for biodegradable plastic to disintegrate? the shops in malls and supermarkets here in our country have slowly been embracing these plastics but some hardcore environmentalists argue that biodegradable plastics aren’t really bio at that.

    Thank you in advance.

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