Nowadays the problem of pollution has become more and more acute. In order to save the planet from a lot of trash that can not be decomposed, people are advised to choose biodegradable products.

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Biodegradable products are the ones that can be broken down by enzymes and bacteria. This term usually refers to natural products, coming from animals, plants or any other living organism. Products that are similar in composition with those produced by the living organisms can be also called biodegradable, as they too are decomposed by enzymes.

Some producers say that even the plastic bag they manufacture can enter in this category, of the biodegradable products. However, they can be more accurately labeled as being degradable or oxi-degradable. This means that these products are broken down more rapidly into water and carbon dioxide than the normal plastic bags.

The biodegradable materials begin to increase their popularity as many companies choose to manufacture products that will protect the environment. For example a company that was producing credit cards has launched the first biodegradable card. The product is made of a material called BIOPVC which attracts the microorganisms. They will consume the carbon from the material and when they have finished it there will be only carbon dioxide, water and salt left. The producer gave insurances that the biodegradable card does not contain any harmful substance.

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Other companies have produced biodegradable utensils. Ecological plates are made from sugar can and reed pulp. Their producers insist on the fact that they are non-toxic, biodegradable, but at the same time they offer the client the same quality of a normal plate. Cornstarch, grass fibers and wood are two other materials used for the manufacture of biodegradable utensils and biodegradable bags.

Other food containers, cutlery and cups are produced from bamboo and rice husks. They are thought to be 100% biodegradable and environment friendly. The same biodegradable materials are used for the production of pods which are going to be used in the gardens. This ensures a better protection of the surrounding areas.

To avoid the waste of energy and the pollution caused by the big batteries the scientists have created the first batteries that are environment friendly. The biodegradable batteries are flexible and made of paper and cellulose.

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Some people even thought of giving up the cement and hard materials used for tombs and go for greener alternatives. A company has developed the first biodegradable coffin for those who want to remain ecologists even after their death. This coffin is called Ecopod and is made of recycled paper. Hand-woven Somerset willow, formaldehyde-free plywood and fair-trade-certified bamboo are the other materials available for those who want to choose such a coffin.

The list of products presented above should be a source of inspiration for any person that wants to protect the world from being covered in mountains of trash. Biodegradable products are a good alternative to plastic products which will decompose in months or even years after they have been thrown away.

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