High performance plastics are needed for a number of different applications. While there are a variety of engineering grade polymers, they each have different properties and some may prove to be a better choice for different industries and operations than others. A well known and widely used material is Dupont Vespel, which is a group of high quality polyimide-based plastics.

Semiconductor 447x298 Dupont Vespel are Very Versatile High Performance Plastics

Dupont Vespel is known for its thermophysical and magnetic properties. It has many notable characteristics, such as incredible resistance to heat, creeping and chemicals, as well as lubricity and dimensional stability. Its different properties enable Vespel to be suitable for all different kinds of applications.

For instance, due to the fact that it can hold up in cryogenic temperatures, it performs exceptionally well when used in vacuum applications. Furthermore, because it has the capability of being reproducible (the ability to provide the same conditions and measurements over and over again), and it can withstand extreme temperatures of up to more than 500°F without its thermal and mechanical properties changing, it is commonly utilized for testing thermal insulators.

Dupont Vespel is an incredibly versatile material that is depended on in many industries, and is primarily used in transportation, aerospace and semiconductor technology.

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