Dupont Vespel is a high performance polyimide that has proven to be an ideal material for a number of different applications. That said, it is often primarily used in semiconductor, transportation, energy and material handling, and aerospace technology. It is recognized for its ability to hold up in extreme and hostile environments, and has heat, chemical and creep resistance, as well as dimensional stability and lubricity.

Semiconductor 447x298 Dupont Vespel High Performance Polyimide

Although Dupont Vespel can be used for a number of purposes, it is often utilized for its thermophysical properties, and is frequently employed for testing thermal insulators. One of the main reasons for this is it can hold up against constant exposure to temperatures that reach up to 572°F without its thermal or mechanical properties changing. This is significant because it ensure that whatever it is being used for performs at its best and will require fewer repairs.

The quality parts and shapes that are created from Dupont Vespel can be custom made, and time and again they have proven to be a cost-effective solution for a number of design applications. Some of this polymer’s benefits include: long service life, resistance to chemical exposure, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, meets most weight reduction requirements, and so on.

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