1. Avoid disposable cleaning products in your domestic cleaning

You will find that many cleaning products, like sponges, cloths, and even certain more durable items, like dust pans and brushes will be designed for low costs, rather than for durability. These things will be made form plastics which are bad for the environment, and will break easily, or need to be thrown away after a couple of uses. You will find that the results of this sort of practice are usually centred around the landfill site. Even if you are recycling these things, you will find that the energy used in recycling is a waste of energy. Try buying items that will last you longer, like a cloth that can be washed, rather than chucked out after two days.

2. Make sure that your house cleaning equipment is made from sustainable materials.

Wood, metal, cotton, wool, these are sustainable materials, that can be grown easily, and will not harm the environment if disposed of in the right way. Sustainable sources are essential to ensure that humans are not depleting the earth at a rate that is too quick for it to replenish itself. You will find that using a tin dustpan and brush will mean that you get a lot more out of it over the years, than a plastic one. You will also find that it is more likely to be responsibly made. Be aware of these things and they will fall in to place easily.

3. Don’t use toxic chemicals in the home cleaning

Bleach, peroxide and other harmful chemicals are dangerous for you, your family and the world outside. Flushing these chemicals in to the water systems of the country will only serve to imbalance the mineral and chemical make up of the water in the eco systems that survive on it. You need to be responsible in the chemicals that you use, finding ways to clean without using dangerous materials. Look in to eco cleaners, and think carefully about the types of products that you use. Lemon, vinegar and baking soda can be combined to form almost any cleaning product in the home, so look in to these things before reaching for the bleach.

4. Reduce your energy use when cleaning

Do you really need to use the vacuum for so long? Do you have to use the dryer, if it is sunny outside? These things can always be burdens, but it is worth having a little think about how you can reduce the amount of energy that you use when you are cleaning. Reduce the time that you leave the hot tap running, and you will find that you reduce your gas bill as well. It is essential that you have an eye on all of these different aspects of the energy use in your home, as otherwise you will be contributing to the issues inherent in global warming.

5. Use a local cleaning agency.

If you are sourcing things that are coming in to your home, then you should make sure that the distance that they travel is as small as possible. You will find that that using a local cleaning agency reduces the amount of fuel that they use to get to your place, as well as ensuring that you don;t have to worry about how long it takes them to get there. It will also reduce the chances that they have for complaining that they got stuck in traffic!

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