Your holidays have never been revolutionized as before. lt is no longer just about the fun, drinking sprees and dancing to the indigenous cultural beats in various tourist destination rather than enjoying your summer holiday, while at the same time putting into consideration the need for a clean environment.

Riffa Fort Bahrain Eco Friendly Holiday Time Out in Bahrain

Tour destinations across the globe have recently been on the forefront sojourning the quest to being the ultimate destination of choice for you. This has been clearly visualized by the current trends in the tour industry such as Eco tourism.

Bahrain is definitely the most outstanding holiday gateway for you, owing to the fact that it saw the need to combat an immensely frustrating nemesis – global warming by embracing Eco tourism.

Bahrain tour industry has provided amicable solutions to air pollution among many others in a diversified manner. Discussed are some of the game changing plans that have been adopted in Bahrain in the already thriving tourism industry.

1. An Eco friendly transport means for tourists.

Camel-drawn rickshaws are the revolutionary form of transport currently in business across the streets of Bahrain cities.

This is one strange yet interesting phenomenon you are bound. This is an enjoyable experience you probably won’t want to miss on your first visit to Bahrain.

Clean air filling your lungs is one nostalgic moment that would forever remain engraved in your mind as you sweep across the streets of Manama on a speeding Camel-drawn rickshaw.

Most airports across Bahrain have adopted to having Camels kept at the airport hangar awaiting new arrivals.

The fulfilling services offered on these rickshaws are highly affordable costing between Dhs 80 and 90 per hour.

This is a completely carbon-free experience that would not only leave your holiday vacation fulfilled but leave you longing for another holiday experience.

2. Carbon trading

Air travel is probably the most convenient transport means to numerous tour destinations in Bahrain, thanks to the unforgiving high temperatures and probably you would be asking, “Isn’t that contributing to Carbon dioxide emission already?” Well, unfortunately that is very true given the high fuel combustion in a plane’s jet engine.

However, the war is not yet lost as new initiatives to fight carbon emissions have surfaced and the battle has just began. Carbon trading is one such initiative currently taking Bahrain by storm and tourists have been highly encouraged to embrace this worthy cause.

This initiative gives people the option of paying to cancel out carbon emission during the travel. It was engineered during the proceedings of Kyoto protocol and now whenever someone is to travel, the airline company is required to calculate the distance travelled by a client in relation to the carbon emitted and an amount to be paid by the client is set.

The money is then channelled towards Amazonian rain forest projects on various scales.

Bahrain airlines strictly concur with the stipulated terms and have made it much easier for clients in possession of Bahrain visa, you simply need to swipe your card through a gadget programmed to calculate the amount to be paid in relation to distance travelled and carbon emitted and an amount would be automatically deducted from your Bank account.

Conclusively, Bahrain has emerged as strong competitor in Eco tourism globally and would definitely offer an unforgettable tour experience to you, full of thrill and exciting encounters.

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