Eco-friendly travel tips

September 5, 2013

During travel, should it be a family trip, holiday travel or business trip it is important to keep in mind that safe disposal measures should be followed. One may choose to recycle, re use or reduce what may seem as waste. This helps in keeping the trip eco-friendly.

Before travel

Before you travel, make sure your water taps are all turned off and also turn off the air conditional. Another tip for travelling in an ecofriendly way is trying as much as you can to take a train or a bus as opposed to taking a flight especially for short distances. This is because; aero planes during taking off and landing tend to consume a lot of fuel. It is also good to walk, take public transport or share a taxi instead of renting a car to also save on fuel. If you have to take a flight, consider taking a direct flight as opposed to making stop-overs.

The choice of place to stay during your travel matters. You should stay in hotels that are eco-friendly. You can do this by enquiring about a hotel and what it does to conserve the environment. In the hotel, you should not forget to turn off the lights or to close the curtains as allowing natural light into the room while away will raise the room temperature. As a result, an air conditioner turns on to regulate the temperature which is a waste of energy cooling an empty room.

Products to use

What you pack for travel is also important. You should fill the products you need in reusable containers rather than purchasing new ones. Carry with you a water bottle.

It may seem less important but your boots and shoes should be kept clean so as to avoid carrying insects to places where they may have adverse effects. Remember to use biodegradable soaps and sunscreens that are reef friendly. This is because the chemicals in detergents and sunscreens can damage coral reefs.

Trash bags and what one carries from the trip

Taking environment clean up as a personal responsibility is good. This you may do by ensuring that you carry along your own trash bag. When you do this, chances that you will litter are minimal. Take home those souvenirs that do not encourage abuse of the environment. Do not buy products made as a result of illegal poaching.


Learn to eat locally produced food because this reduces transportation costs and also ensures that your money stays within the local community contributing to its growth.


Generally, when taking a flight, one is given the choice of taking an e-ticket or a paper ticket. You should opt for the e-ticket to reduce paper waste. Paper tickets may contain several pages and is mailed in an envelope which is wasteful.

Most travelers do not realize that travelling may have negative effects on the environment that everyone aims so much to conserve. This however can be managed through practicing eco-friendly travel tips. The tips help in reducing the strain that is put on natural resources as one travels. One should be mindful of what they do during their travel. Parents should also teach their children these important tips in order to bring up an environmental responsive generation.

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