In an era of increased environmental awareness, business organisations that adopt green business practices and are able to effectively and transparently boast green credentials are rewarded for their efforts and many business organisations have been quick to capitalise upon this.

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Taking your business in an environmentally-sound and sustainable direction is therefore not only good for the environment, it’s actually also very good for the reputation of your business and could help to attract the attention of environmentally conscious consumers who are interested in supporting business organisations that pursue an environmentally-sound and sustainable direction by buying their products and/or using their services.

Here are six eco-friendly ways to reach out to more customers, including ways to better interact with your current customer base in a more eco-friendly manner.

  1. Enacting a paperless policy

Whilst the paperless office famously failed to materialise, that isn’t to say that it isn’t in your best interests to make the effort to reduce the amount of paper your business organisation uses and a good way to show consumers that your business is taking an environmentally-sound and sustainable direction is to cease using fliers and other printed marketing materials.

Moreover, you can also have your clients sign up for paperless correspondence and when you do need to use paper in the office or for official forms, restrict the paper you use to recycled paper.

  1. Reduce product packaging

Product packaging is often excessive and reducing product packaging presents an excellent means of boasting green credentials in a manner that consumers can see.

Product packaging is, however, something that business organisations can’t do away with entirely because it helps to form impressions in the mind of consumers, but this can be capitalised upon further.

For instance, if you use recycled materials, proudly display eco-friendly symbols to let your current and future customer base know your business adheres to sustainable business practices as this will form a powerful impression in the minds of your current customer base as well as environmentally conscious potential customers.

  1. Use recyclable or reusable packaging

When packaging your items use recyclable packaging made from recycled materials and proudly display the relevant eco-friendly symbols for the world to see.

In addition to recyclable packaging, some businesses are also presented with an opportunity to use reusable and returnable packaging, for example crates that can be used time and time again.

This option naturally won’t be accessible to all business organisations though some will find it feasible; moreover, although there’s often a need for customers to put down a deposit to cover the cost of a returnable box or crate, you’ll find that many are more than willing to do so.

  1. Showcase your green credentials

There are many ways to showcase your business’s green credentials with the aim of reaching out to new customers and informing your current customer base that you’re pursuing an environmentally conscious and sustainable direction.

Social media is an excellent way to showcase green credentials, so use Facebook and other social networks to showcase your work with local eco-charities, plus you can also use articles and infographics to help your customer base better understand the sustainable business practices your business organisation has adopted.

  1. Support a local eco-charity

There are sure to be local eco-charities that your business can get behind and show support for and supporting eco-charities in your local area is an excellent promotional method, one that is sure to result in plenty of excellent publicity for your business.

  1. Give out eco-friendly promotional items

Whether you give out branded promotional items to your current customer basis on an annual basis or attend trade shows and give out branded trade show giveaways at the booth your business hosts, you’re presented with an excellent opportunity to simultaneously increase awareness of your brand and showcase your business’s green credentials by giving out eco-friendly promotional items.

Eco-friendly and sustainability have become buzzwords that are in threat of being rendered devoid of meaning from overemployment by business organisations that aren’t aware of and/or don’t care about their true meaning.

Set your business organisation apart by adopting business practices that truly are environmentally-sound and sustainable to effectively reach out to an increasingly environmentally conscious public.

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