The human has evolved and along with him evolved his habits and lifestyle. In the earlier times, prior to the inception of the electricity, people invented oil lamps to lighten their homes. When electricity came into the life of the human being, things have changed for good. By and large, it is the most important invention that has benefitted the mankind to a large extent. In the present era, electricity has made a firm footing in every field, be it an industry or a home appliance. Everything works with electricity. Ever wondered, when electricity is produced, how it reaches us and what are the factors that are involved that helps us make use of the electricity?

Transformer 447x308 Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers  Saving Power For The Generation

The electricity is of a much higher voltage when dispatched from a hydroelectric plant, but it is the distribution transformers that reduce it to lower voltage so that we can avail its use to our convenience. These distribution transformers only reduce the voltage but do not affect the frequency of the electricity. Only after a reduction in the voltage of the electricity, people are able to make optimal use of the same in their homes and offices. The high voltage, if not reduced, may prove harmful for the household appliances. A distribution transformer can be seen as a big metal box or a cylindrical shaped piece fixed on the utility poles.

The Use Of The Transformers

These transformers are mostly used by the following:

  • Suburbs- The suburbs make use of the transformers as they require electricity for the homes and the offices in the area.
  • Public Utilities- The public utilities need to illuminate the public places hence, the need for a transformer.
  • Industries- The industries have heavy machinery that can function only with electricity thus; the need of the transformer is pertinent here.

The distribution transformer can be classified into two types, the dry-type and the liquid immersed units. The dry-type transformer can be further distinguished into a medium voltage and low voltage ones. The distribution transformers range from cost effective units to energy efficient, depending on the investment. If the investment is made in the right manner, the transformers can prove to be more cost effective by reducing the loss of energy. To top it up, it will not burden the environment for the use of natural resources which invariably will provide high profitability. The reason for the dry-type losing more energy is because of the core used in it. The amorphous metal core is more efficient even in low voltage and saves as much as 70% of energy loss.

There are three categories of energy loss that occur from the transformers.

  • Cooling loss.
  • Load loss.
  • No-load loss.

The most common loss of energy is the no-load loss. The distribution transformers are the units that function continuously hence; a little development in saving the loss of the energy can cater immense savings.

integral distribution trans Energy Efficient Distribution Transformers  Saving Power For The Generation

Till date there have been various technologies working in the field to provide the people with the best distribution transformer which is both cost effective and energy efficient. The following are the various kinds of transformer technologies:

  • Traditional Transformer- The use of copper conductor gives more strength, reduces load loss and lowers resistance.
  • Superconducting Transformers- The superconducting material of high temperature used in it makes the resistance negligible. It is less in volume and weight but is very expensive.
  • Amorphous Transformer- It has the amorphous steel core that makes it energy efficient and high on energy savings.

The impetus should be on choosing the transformer that is more energy efficient. Amorphous transformers are the best of the lot. Efforts should be made to promote the use of energy efficient technologies.

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