The future of the energy supply and sourcing industry is low carbon or zero carbon energy such as wind, hydro and solar power. Renewable energy sources are of great importance to the sustainability of the biosphere, and every step taken towards greener, cleaner energy is a bonus. As governments and international treaties place more pressure on mitigating carbon emissions by sourcing more sustainable energy, the pressure will also increase on energy companies to diversify further into more agreeable, environmentally friendly power generation and supply.

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What does cleaner and greener REALLY mean?
By continuing to source increased amounts of energy supply from energy suppliers, the company has been able to satisfy the increasing demands from consumers for cleaner, greener and more sustainable energy. Wind power is the most obvious source of clean energy since windmills are the most noticeable source of sustainable energy.

However, improvements in solar panel technology mean the cost for electricity generation from the sun, even here in the UK, is rapidly falling. As more solar panel farms and generating stations come online, the opportunity for sourcing increased greener energy supplies increases. Increasing awareness over the past ten to fifteen years, made all the more pertinent from satellite imagery of shrinking polar ice cover within the Arctic and Antarctic circles, is driving changes to cleaner fuels.

Unless we find an energy source alternative which offers zero pollution, striving to obtain as much as possible from current viable renewable and sustainable sources such as hydro, solar and wind is the goal of all power supply companies.

How do they keep it simple?
Ovo Energy is nothing if not simple; the mantra of keeping it simple applies to every element of service they provide for their customers. The company sources the largest amounts of electrical energy from sustainable sources; the amount is in excess of double the renewable energy of the UK average. Bills and tariffs are simplified too; with the greenest and most sustainable standard dual fuel tariff in the market, the company practices what it preaches.

Consumers signing up to any of the tariffs which Ovo Energy offers its customers, have the option of maintaining posted paper bills or managing their account online. As a dual fuel supplier to the UK domestic and commercial market, since the company was founded it has slowly and with little fanfare been increasing its cleaner, greener and cheaper credentials.

Ovo price promise
By maintaining a daily watch on wholesale energy prices Ovo is able to consistently hammer down and demand the best possible prices for gas and electricity supplied non sustainable sources. This has the habit of keeping prices lower for consumers. If you hear in the news that ‘wholesale energy prices’ have fallen you can guarantee with Ovo that it will be reflected in your energy bills.

The energy supply industry is rapidly evolving to meet the demands of environmentalists, governments and international treaties and of course consumers. Independent suppliers are reacting and changing far more rapidly than their larger, longer established competitors.

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