For the sake of preserving our planet and the health of our loved ones, it’s advisable we start paying attention to our waste disposal habits and the recycling options. Light bulbs are one of the trickiest items to dispose of, especially because of the variety of light bulb types available for home use.

Light Bulb Environmentally Sound Ways to Dispose of Light Bulbs

Some can be tossed to the thrash without special treatment, while others need to be put into the local recycle bins or sent to the special facilities. Stay with us to find your light bulbs of choice on our list and learn how to handle them when they burn out.

Incandescent light globes

This type of light bulbs has been the most common option in the households all around the world for many years, and a lot of people still use them. They consist of a thin electricity powered wire filament. The inside of an incandescent bulb usually contains either inert gas or vacuum.

Unfortunately, they are definitely not one of the energy-savvy options since most of the energy that supplies these bulbs is wasted on heat generation. Just the fact that you can use them for homemade incubators explains a lot.

When recycling methods are in question, the procedure is quite straightforward everywhere around the globe – throw it away as simple garbage. No recycling facility accepts them at the moment, mostly because these bulbs don’t contain harmful chemicals. To be extra considerate, place them in their original package so the glass doesn’t shatter.

Lastly, if the glass is in one piece, you can repurpose the bulbs for a variety of DIY projects, such as miniature vases, candles, pots or ornamental pieces.

Halogen Lamp Environmentally Sound Ways to Dispose of Light Bulbs


Halogen bulbs are rather similar to incandescent lights. They are lit via filament, except their tube is filled with halogen gas. These are a bit more efficient than their incandescent cousins, but not nearly enough to call them energy-saving.

Also, they can heat up so much to cause burns, which is not exactly a sterling option for the easy-to-reach lamps and places with small kids. Just like incandescent lights, halogens don’t take up a special place in the recycling business. Considering they’re not made with toxic elements, you can put them in regular trash bins.


Compact fluorescent lamps are one of the first energy-conserving lighting variants. CFLs generate small amounts of heat which allows a great portion of energy to be directed to their lighting function. These bulbs contain a small amount of mercury which means they require special recycling procedure. Some countries even prohibit the disposal of CFLs to regular trash bins. You can get rid of your broken CFLs in one of the following ways:

  • Pay a visit to your local waste recycling centre and inquire about their services
  • Check with the city hall officials whether there’s a drop-off spot for recycle-worthy items
  • Some big retailers (like IKEA) may offer recycling service if you purchase your replacement bulbs there
  • As a final resort, check with the Earth911 organisation or your country’s local version of it for tips on adequate disposal.

Caltex Lighting Environmentally Sound Ways to Dispose of Light Bulbs

LED lights

These high-end bulbs stand out with their lack-of-filament feature, astoundingly small power consumption and a much longer life span compared to other types of bulbs on the market. They emit minimal amounts of heat and the content of quality LEDs doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals (or their presence is kept at the absolute minimum).

What really sets apart LEDs from the competition is the factor of energy efficiency, claim at Industralight. The amazing 95% of energy invested gets transformed into light. LEDs are made of commonly recycled materials, so you can simply drop it at the local recycling centre.

Take care of the environment and the health of your loved ones by following our advice regarding the disposal of broken light bulbs in your home. Contact the town’s recycling professionals and weigh your options.

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