Teaching children eco-friendly habits can turn them into responsible adults who fight hard to protect and care for our environment. Luckily, it is not too difficult to incorporate eco-friendly activities into your child’s daily routine. If you would like to help your children learn environmental awareness, read on for tips on how to integrate little life lessons into their daily lives.

Smiling girl 447x297 Five Fun Ways to Teach Your Children to Be Eco Friendly

Plan an Eco-Friendly Vacation

Eco-friendly resorts offer guests luxurious accommodations and educational programs that teach them about the local environment. Activities and tours can help children learn about conservation and nature. These resorts often have policies in place to ensure guests use biodegradable materials, recycle and conserve energy.

If an eco-friendly vacation is not a feasible option, consider enrolling your children in activities and educational programs at an environmental organization such as The National Audubon Society. These organizations often have local chapters and offices throughout the United States.

Plant a Tree

Teach your children about the beauty of gardening by giving them their very own tree. Take them to a garden center and let them pick out a sapling that they can plant in the backyard. As it begins to grow, you can teach them about the important role trees play in our daily lives.

Encourage Reading

For kids who love to read, buy books that will help them learn about ecology, ecosystems and the environment. Environmental studies books geared toward children can help them gain an appreciation for nature.

Teach Children to Recycle and Upcycle

Lead by example by showing your children how to recycle. Give them chores that involve taking bottles, cans, newspapers and other materials out to recycling bins. In addition, you can teach them fun crafts that involve reusing old clothing and materials to create new re-purposed outfits and accessories.

Watch Eco-Friendly Movies

Getting kids to sit down and watch fun movies is an extremely easy task. Talking animals and comical situations make children more receptive to a movie’s underlying message. Choose age-appropriate films that teach environmental awareness and respect for nature. “Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest,” “The Lorax” and “Rio” would all be good choices for children.

It is easy to encourage children to develop eco-friendly habits. Their natural curiosity leads them to ask plenty of questions about nature and the environment. By following the above tips, you can take advantage of their innate curiosity and introduce them to eco-friendly activities with very little resistance.

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