While creating a positive work environment entails the motivation of the staff as well as appreciation, the way an office is designed also enforces a positive message.

Office Break Out Space Five Top Tips on Creating the Best Office Environment

1. A Non-functional office space design hinders the amount of work that can be done as well as wastes time. Make the office space functional and motivating. In order to make an office functional, you need to make sure that it opens up communication and provides the staff with varying environments for different tasks. The functional design should stimulate productivity and inspire workers to interact creatively and openly.

When you consider that office workers spend about 90 percent of their waking time indoors at computer work stations, it also helps to include natural lighting in the office design. Natural light provides a broader colour spectrum, thereby making it simpler to perform basic office tasks.

2. Concentrate on Utility

When a functional office streamlines work, activities just seem to flow flawlessly. Make sure that the space that you utilise then is wired for Wi-Fi to maximise flexibility in the work area. However, do not allow the utility to trump the office’s basic characteristics and personality. Therefore, the office must be comfortable and underscore an atmosphere that is productive and creative.

That means you want your office to promote collaboration among the staff. Lighting should also be personalised. For example, a financial staff member working on a spread sheet needs a stronger light than a manager who spends most of his day talking on the telephone.

3. Create an Optional Office Space.

The creation of the three-day weekend or four-day week assists in inspiring motivation and avoiding burn-out. For example, according to a report appearing in Forbes Magazine, state of Utah employees were switched to a work schedule where they worked ten-hour days, four-days per week.

Brigham Young University researchers found that the four-day-per week employees experienced fewer sick days and the expense for overtime was reduced. In addition, the incorporation of the four-day week saved on energy usage.

Because employees experienced less in the way of conflicts between family commitments and their work, they also experienced a boost in morale. Given that they had four instead of five days to complete their work, employees became more productive as well.

4. Keep Everything Tidy

A desk can quickly look like a tornado struck it if orderliness is not made a priority. Remember that one of the worst culprits in this respect is setting food at a desk. Enforcing a “no eating at desk” policy ensures that rubbish does not pile up and crumbs stay off the carpeting.

5. Showcase Your Company’s Culture

Once you have a tidy desk area, you will want to highlight your company’s culture. Inject your organization’s mission and logo in the office area as well as its colours in order to make an introduction. Doing so will inspire confidence and motivation in your employees and influence them to work as a team.

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