Already today fossil fuel companies feel the irreversibility of coming alternative energy era. Certainly, it is not so terrible still, but even now we see the tendency of price growth in this field. However, the companies try to show their eco activity and spend money for various environmental programs.

Energy Efficient Building 447x267 Fossil Fuels And Their Alternative

Swift development of alternative energy sources and alternative energy power stations make many companies think not only of their future, but of their present as well. Loyalty reward programs try to draw more clients to a definite company. But still we can say that is false alarm. The overwhelming majority of cars run on gas today. Even hybrid cars cannot fully reject the usage of gas. Electric cars already appear, but they cannot present such results as their gas brothers do. Moreover, we still don’t have enough service stations for electric cars and we should charge them for 8-12 hours after they run 60 kilometers.

So, we can say that oil has strong market position today and it will hold it for many years more. There is still no such engine that will fully substitute an internal combustion engine and be eco friendly at the same time. But strict development of science in this field makes us believe that tomorrow we’ll find the decision of this global problem.

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