As they say, nothing lasts forever. When it comes to our beloved electronic devices, this saying also applies. Some electronic devices these days are not made to last. With this, we often have a stack of electronic devices at home and hesitant to throw it away because of the worry what will happen to our data.

Old Devices Gadget Recycle: How to Dispose of Your Old Devices

Luckily enough, there are several ways on how to recycle and dispose old electronic devices without worrying about the information or data we have there, which will not negatively affect our environment. Here’s a simple guide on how to properly dispose your old devices.

Return to the Manufacturer

Many electronic manufacturers implement recycling program, which is easy and free. With this, you can send them back your old gadgets and devices. Refer to this simple guide or check their website to have full details on how to return electronic devices to their manufacturers.

  • Apple Recycling Program – Apple allows its users to send back their old Apple products for a proper recycling. Good thing, if the electronic device has monetary value, they will apply this toward a fit card.
  • Canon Recycling Program – Your old cameras, lenses, and printers can be send back to Canon. Just select the specific product you have and you will receive a recycling label through e-mail.
  • Lenovo Product Recycling Program – Lenovo offers a free recycling of your electronic devices, which includes Medion, IBM PC’s, and LenovoEMC storage devices.
  • Samsung – Samsung allows its users to return their mobile phones through take-back program.
  • Sony – Sony has provided various drops-off locations where they can accept obsolete products. In fact, they also offer free shipping for devices that weigh less than 25 lbs.

Donate Working Gadgets

If you have any electronic devices that are still working but you do not use anymore, you may want to donate it to organizations that accept donations. The electronic devices you donate will be sold to raise money or donate to those who in need.

Look for StartHub RENEW Bins

Look for StartHub RENEW bins around the city. There are about 235 RENEW bins at 185 locations all over Singapore. These bins accept outdated electronic devices in any brand and any type, as long as they can fit inside the RENEW bins.

Singtel’s E-waste Recycling Bins

Singtel’s e-waste recycling bins can be found in various Singtel shops that accept electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, and even modems and routers.

Electronic waste has been increasing in the past few years since various electronic devices are becoming obsolete because of the advent of more advanced technologies. With this, various electronic wastes end up in landfills and toxics, such as cadmium, lead, and mercury can leach into the soil and water, making it contaminated.

Good thing, there are helpful ways on how to lessen the electronic waste. In Singapore, rooms for rents are even following the proper disposing of electronic devices to avoid contributing toxic to our environment. Just refer to this simple guide when you will finally dispose you electronic devices.


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