Go Green and Pay for It, Too!

December 5, 2012

For a city, keeping everything looking nice can be a priority, but there are many more priorities beneath the surface such as keeping the city running smoothly and ensuring that the economy stays afloat even as the federal economy takes a dip. These days, priorities have been shuffled around, so it’s important to think about the future and how a city can take advantage of the opportunities to make itself more energy efficient and greener for the environment.

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These days, green energy is becoming more and more popular as it is healthier for the environment and for the people in it. How can a city go green, though? There are many options on the table, such as government-grant green grants.

Recycling is a big part of going green, and some cities are better at it than others. What really matters is how much commitment a city has to keeping it clean and healthy. Placing recycling bins everywhere can help people remember to actually do it, but offering incentives to recycle can encourage it even more. Starting to teach good habits to children can build over time and also be a useful way of encouraging recycling. Along with waste removal, also offer recycling of glass, cardboard, or metal as well as a compost bucket to encourage not wasting food or decomposable articles.

Conserving things such as water and electricity can go a long way towards keeping a city environmentally friendly. Conservation campaigns can help to encourage citizens to turn off lights during the day and install better, more environmentally friendly things such as low-flow toilets or shower heads. Offering incentives such as tax breaks on these things can help a city or a state to improve their conservation efforts.

Encouraging public transportation by putting more funding into buses or metro systems can help to reduce the carbon emissions from cars. Giving tax breaks to eco-friendly cars and carpools can also help to encourage better living. There are many different methods of transportation that can be cost-effective as well as emitting less toxic fumes and encouraging more responsible citizens.

How does a city or state pay for all of this, however? Well, every year the federal government offers many government-grant green grants to help cities and states invest money into healthy, environmentally friendly methods of living and working. With federal funding, cities can afford to pay for more buses or an improved metro system as well as being able to offer those breaks that encourage citizens to live greener lives.

Going green in a large city can sometimes seem like a large and difficult project, but with the right tools, a city can really make the most of funding provided by the government to improve and create a city that people want to visit and live in. Eco-friendly towns and states can be front-runners for the future, and taking into consideration all the different options available, it can be a great way to more tourists and boost revenue at the same time!

Mike is a freelance writer who loves his eco-friendly car and the breaks his state gives him.  He works for government-grant green grants

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