Granulator machines are a type of equipment that are used for breaking down various types of materialo—commonly products made out of plastic—so that they can be recycled for a new purpose. It is this type of equipment that helps to make it possible to tackle the massive worldwide problem of plastic products that are ending up in landfills and not breaking down.

Linerboard and Machine Granulator Machines – Tackling Plastic Products in Landfills   a Worldwide Problem

Other than glass and aluminum, the only other material that can be recycled into new products that are of the same quality as the original is plastic.

In the United States, up to 40 percent of all solid consumer waste consists of plastic products such as bags, bottles, packaging, and other items. Other than reducing the use of the substance in the first place, recycling is the only option to help to minimize the total amount f plastic that is making its way into landfills. Granulators are one of the initial steps in that process.

What does a granulator do with plastic products?

Essentially, a granulator is a form of large shredder that will cut down plastic objects such as those bags, bottles, and other materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill. It reduces them to little pellets that are also known as granules, which is where the machine got its name.

To make sure granulators are working at their highest possible efficiency level, and to ensure that their resale value is maintained, this equipment must be kept clean. This involves a regular maintenance program for oiling the plastic granulator’s blades and wiping out the inside cutting chamber.

What are a granulator’s cutting chambers?

There are two primary types of cutting chamber for a granulator. These are “super-tangential” and “tangential”. The first of those cutting chamber types features a 3-blade open rotor. This is typically used for processing plastic items such as containers and bottles. It is also an effective choice when cutting down small parts, large quantities of runners, and film scrap.

The tangential cutting chamber, on the other hand, features a 5-blade open rotor. This is typically the choice for shredding parts with thicker walls, sheeting, and film scrap or shredded material in large quantities. For increased capacity, this type of cutting chamber can have an additional fixed knife.

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