Bioplastic is made from the renewable as well as organic resources such as cellulose, vegetable oils and starches. These are designed for breaking down and these are completely safe to use for the food products. However how come we actually don’t see adequate products of bioplastic in market? Or also how come not entire plastic products are made from bioplastics.

Bioplastic Tray 447x335 Great Biodegradable Element   Bioplastic

It is important to note that bioplastics are quite expensive and costly to manufacture. These require various methods of manufacturing and quite expensive raw materials. Certainly, they are considered to be better for environment however they just don’t do anything for the bottom line of the factory. So when it is about the business, cost trumps every else.

However, fact remains that creating plastics have the environmental impact and so they leave significant footprint of carbon. Certainly, they consume very less fossil fuel however they yet consume the fossil fuel. This is slightly preferable option but this is really not best as well as appropriate option available. The oxo-biodegradable plastics are cheap as the regular plastics and are also quite durable but these have added benefit of the biodegrable.

Moreover, Countries all around the world are imposing the laws banning the regular plastics as well as pushing for use of the oxo-biodegradable plastics. But as per the studies that is done by Europrean Plastics of Recyclers Association, such plastics basically have potential to perform great harm as compared to be good.

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