Global warming and air pollution are causing problems on a worldwide scale, but what about the things you do at home? You don’t have to be an expert in green living to do your part for the planet. Check out these simple tips that will help you live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Green Living Making Your Life a Little More Eco Friendly Green Living: Making Your Life a Little More Eco Friendly

Be Conscientious

We live in a society that wants more, more, more. When was the last time you stopped in the middle of a shopping trip and put something back on the shelf? By being conscientious about what you buy, you can massively reduce the amount of trash you create. All that discarded packaging ends up in landfills, and you’ll soon realize you didn’t want that foot massage or fancy skin cream anyways.

Reuse and Borrow

Why spend money on a brand new stroller when your sister has one she’s happy to hand over to you? Making use of secondhand items can save you big bucks, and it has a great impact on the environment. If it’s something that you don’t use very often, like a special tool for a home project, try asking your neighbor if he’ll lend you his. Let him know you’re happy to reciprocate, and before you know it your whole neighborhood will be more eco-friendly!

Buy Locally Grown Foods

Farmer’s markets are more than just somewhere to get yummy, organically grown foods. They’re a simple way for you to help the environment. For every bunch of carrots or bag of apples you buy at your local farmer’s market, there’s less fuel being used up for that produce to be delivered to a chain grocery store (where it would be less fresh by the time it gets in your bag anyways). Locally grown organic produce is also free of pesticides and other chemicals, which means both Mother Earth and your body are thanking you with every bite.

Monitor Your AC Unit

Everyone knows you shouldn’t leave the lights on or the water running, but what about air conditioning? A damaged AC unit can cause your electricity bill to spike and your impact on the environment to be less than friendly. If you’re in Oklahoma, finding Oklahoma City AC repair that gets your air conditioning up and running quickly is essential.

With all the chemicals and consumerism in our society, changing your lifestyle to be more eco-friendly can really be a breath of fresh air. Just a few small adjustments in the way you live can make a world of difference for our planet, and the benefits will last for generations to come.

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