Traditional ways of heating your home can be both costly and inefficient. There are several traditional   types of home heating such as oil burners and natural gas furnaces. There is also the more out dated heating option of using fireplaces, but many people are now sticking with fireplaces purely for aesthetic reasons.

outside unit Heating Your Home More Efficiently

Rather than actually using it as a primary source of warmth during autumn or winter, more and more people are turning to an alternative. Highly efficient the Air Source Heat pumps Norfolk business owners and domestic customers are installing are paying dividends.

What is central heating?

Centralised home heating consists of a fuel boiler (gas or oil powered) or expensive electrical radiator heating which heat a home or business premises evenly. These traditional heating sources can be extremely inefficient at heating homes, consuming much more energy than needed to generate heat.  They can therefore be very expensive to maintain as well as costly to run as raw energy costs continue to rise.

They are also bad for the environment because burning fossil fuel releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which only exacerbates the global problem of climate change. So what can you do to heat your homes more efficiently? Well, one good option is to update your heating system to a modern centralised heater.

What can I do?

One option would be to replace the system completely with an air source heat pump, which uses air circulation to heat up your rooms instead. Instead of burning gas or oil, this type of heater uses heated air to warm your home. About seventy five percent of the heat generated from these types of pumps comes from the air heated by an element.

The great thing about this is that it actually ends up using less energy than both oil and natural gas furnaces. They generate about four times more heat for the same amount of energy used to power it, so you would not have to crank it up to maximum each and every time just to keep the internal room temperatures at a comfortable level.

Efficient or WHAT?

Depending on the type of air source heat pump that you use, you could improve the efficiency of your home heating by as much as three to five times more than traditional heating methods. As an added bonus, air source heat pumps can warm up your water too, so that you will always have hot water available for bathing and cleaning.

Switching to a newer, more efficient heating system not only improves the way your home is heated, but it also helps you save more money in the long run. The great thing about improving the heat output of your heating system such as the ones offered at is that you can save up on your energy bill.

Mike is a freelance writer for EOC Services Air Source Heat Pumps Norfolk. He is passionate about home improvement and loves DIY home projects as a hobby.

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