In an era when everyone is blinded with worry about finding a source of energy to replace the oil that is getting closer to being depleted by the minute, we have taken for granted the threat of losing the type of energy we need for survival. Having spawned from water, the life here on planet Earth in general has many reasons to develop global consciousness and rid itself of pollution once and for all.

Water Drop Help Save Our Planet   One Drop at a Time

Quantity vs. Quality

Unfortunately, while the growing scarcity is a problem, it is not alone, when it comes to water. Though air pollution does seem to have many negative consequences to say the least, us as human beings have not only evolved from water, but comprise, in fact, 55%-75% of it. Able to survive for weeks without so much as a crumb of stale bread, what humans really need to worry about is dehydration – something that happens in a matter of days, at best. On that note, even if the water supply is regular, contaminated water is yet another danger that threats our survival.


Even though dirt, in itself isn’t all that dangerous, its property to attach heavy metals and various chemical emissions to itself is a thing to be wary of. Leached from chemical factories and mines, heavy metals have been proven to increase the risk of cancer, birth defects and various other complications. Toxic waste is a known cause of infertility and things like E. Coli and disinfectants like coliform can not only cause stomach discomfort, but in turn, serious kidney problems. Fluoride, aluminum, lead and copper are common pollutants that decrease water quality. Pesticides and lead can cause permanent nerve damage and contaminants like arsenic and petrochemicals are a well-known cause of cancerous diseases.


The first thing one can do about keeping healthy is to develop an awareness on a global level. By not throwing litter in the ocean, one is making a giant leap towards helping mankind overcome pollution. Even if a person is far away from places with extremely polluted water, they can rest assured that, unless they live in a house on a mountain, near a spring, the water they ingest isn’t 100% clean. Furthermore, according to “Take Back the Tap”, tap water is often more kept in check than bottled water.

This comes from studies showing that not even this kind of water is safe, seeing as how up to 40 percent of it is mixed with that coming from the tap. Therefore, one also needs to develop local awareness, and be careful about their source of H2O and whether or not to opt for quality bottled water in order to stay healthy. At the very least, a person can always boil their water, seeing as how this will usually kill most of the bacteria inhabiting it.

There are plenty DIY water quality assessment tools that come at low prices and can help you decide which type of defense against pollutants to go for. With this in mind, changing the water filter philosophy from ‘optional’ to ‘obligatory’ is another awareness that needs to be developed. Water filters Sydney suggests that every household needs to consider having a reverse osmosis system installed at faucets or under sinks.

Whatever the case, global awareness needs to be brought to attention. Living in ignorance is easy, but not thinking about the future not only corrodes it for our children, but may end up endangering our own selves long before we’ve transcended this reality. The continuing growth of our population is not doing any good for our water reserves, so we might as well keep the scarce ones we still have rid of unnecessary pollution.

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