Many people do not realise how dangerous diesel fumes are. Recent research has shown that diesel fumes are far more dangerous than petrol fumes.

How Dangerous are Diesel Fumes 447x291 How Dangerous are Diesel Fumes?

For this reason, governments across the world are working to reduce the level of diesel pollution in their cities. They know that if they do not do so, they are putting their citizens at an increased risk of cancer, asthma, and other respiratory problems. There is even some evidence that exposure to high levels of diesel fumes also leads to a higher risk of heart attacks.

Diesel Fumes in a Confined Space are Even More Dangerous
However, it is not only environmentalists and government bodies who have to worry about the adverse diesel fumes have on health. Businesses also have to consider the issue.

The owners of an office block located near a busy road need to take steps to ensure that the fumes are not sucked into their building and circulated by their ventilation systems.

Other businesses, like distribution firms, need to employ specialist ventilation technicians such as Vent Tech to make sure that the diesel fumes generated by their lorries and vans leaves the building. This is important because diesel fumes hang around, and generate a black dust, which spreads easily. This dust is very light, so it is easily disturbed and breathed in. With the right ventilation, diesel fumes can be dealt with the premises are easier to keep clean, and the health of everyone who works in the business can be protected.

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