How to Be an Eco Citizen

October 1, 2012

The protection of the environment and ecosystem started on a small scale in grass root organizations and the academe. However, it grew quickly into a cause championed by different organizations in all countries. From government and private organizations, they now take on the cause of eco-friendly not only in building and development, but in practices as well. It has now become everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment as more and more individuals make some lifestyle changes to adapt to this change.

Emma Watson eco friendly 447x335 How to Be an Eco Citizen

While there are many misconceptions that plague this notion, still, many more individuals are going the eco-friendly route since they know that they can make significant changes to the environment. They know that they have the time and resources to curtail the deterioration of the environment. Eco-friendly practices such as reuse, reduce, recycle and re-gift are now common practices around the world.

To be an eco-friendly individual, you need to learn more about yourself and your ecological footprint. Educate yourself more about the different environmentally friendly practices, such as simple practices as controlling meat consumption, simplifying your life, going zero waste, buying or selling used items, or reducing your purchases.  You need to commit to sustainable practices since they have immediate and far-reaching consequences and direct impact to the environment. To be an Eco Citizen means to be a socially responsible individual.

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