Home improvement season is upon us, and with the go green movement in full swing, everyone is looking for ways to incorporate these types of products and procedures into their home. Whether looking to save money or trying to help the environment, there are some obvious ways to make your home greener, such as the energy saving light bulbs and energy saving appliances. There are other ways to incorporate green into your home that many people don’t tend to think about.

Home Be Green Items to Put In Your Home That You Didnt Know Help You Be Green

Re-Usable AC And Furnace Filters

Many home-owners put off or don’t realize they need to change their AC or furnace filters. New filters can also be expensive, but waiting too long to change them can cost you more in electricity and waste energy. Using re-usable filters saves you money not only on the filters but also allows you to change them at proper intervals to maximize your energy-reduction efforts. Re-usable filters are a little more costly up front, but it is estimated you make up those costs in only a year, while the filters last for many.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats have been around for many years, yet they aren’t used nearly as often as they should be. Relatively inexpensive to buy, and easy to install, programmable thermostats allow you to control your heating and cooling while you’re home or away to save the most energy. Set your target temperature to save money for the hours you won’t be home while still remaining comfortable in the hours you spend lounging around the house.

Install Low Flow Faucets

Faucets may be one of the last things you look to when trying to increase your green efforts, but they can be a major waste of water, especially with children in your home! Instead of only keeping water turned off when you’re not using it, also purchase and install new low-flow faucets for conserving water and energy during showers, dish washing, or kids brushing their teeth.

Window Shutters/Curtains

Wondering how to save money on your electric bill? We all think about the go green light bulbs to save energy, but what about other options? Use shutters or curtains to help keep the sunlight and heat out so you have to use less AC in the summer, and help keep your heat in during the winter.

Saving money and energy doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these methods to go green in your home.

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