Information abounds on ways to live a greener lifestyle. Most of us desire to live in a way that makes less of a negative impact on our planet, but choosing ways to go green can be confusing. It doesn’t have to be so complex. Here are five relatively simple ways to make your new home greener.

Make Your Home Green 447x291 Make Your Home Green in 5 Simple Steps

Take to the Trees

There are a few simple things you can do to use less energy in your home. Planting trees that drop their leaves in the fall, on the south and west side of your home will make a difference in the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your home. Shade from the trees will keep your home stay cool in the hot summer months, but will allow the sun to warm it in the colder winter months. Choosing fruit trees, adds the extra bonus of healthy homegrown food. Planting evergreen trees to the north of your home will block the harsh winter winds.

Applied Appliances

Install tile flooring in rooms with south-facing windows. The tile will hold onto the heat from the sun, and release it in the evening. Take care when you choose appliances. Make sure that they are Energy Star rated, and don’t buy appliances that are larger than you actually need.

Wise Waste

Everything you throw away ends up in a landfill, and everything you wash down a drain ends up in the soil and the water supply. The greenest way to handle this is to use all-natural products for cleaning your home, your clothes, and your vehicles. This applies to over-the-counter health care and personal care items as well. Choosing Native Remedies helps to ensure that you aren’t adding toxins to your body, or to the earth when you discard the packaging.

Care for Compost

Keep a container in your kitchen for collecting compostable items. All vegetable scraps, egg shells, and paper products should be chopped up into small bits and added to this bin. When the bin is full, dump it around your landscaping to add to the soil’s fertility. To keep it from becoming unsightly, cover with a thin layer of mulch.

A greener home is only part of a greener, more natural life-style. Eating healthier, home-grown or locally grown food not only has a higher nutritional value, but also helps to decrease the need for food to be trucked across the country to your store. All natural supplements and medicines round out the picture for a greener total life-style. Consider everything you’ll need to adapt to and change to make your lifestyle more sustainable.


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