In order for a machine to work effectively, each of its parts need to be in good working condition. While every part has its own significance, an important part of many types of machinery is the bearing. This is a rotating support that is placed between two or more parts to enable them to move with ease. There are metal and plastic bearings and these devices may be classified on a broad scale based on the motions they allow and on the principle of operations, as well as by the loads they can handle.

Quadrant Torlon Shapes 447x292 Plastic Bearings are Highly Resilient and Highly Resistant P

Plastic bearings, in particular, are recognized for their many advantages. Some of their more noteworthy features that make them a top choice to engineers and other equipment designers include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-magnetic
  • Light weight
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance to various substances, such as chemicals, corrosives, dirt and dust
  • High tolerance to heat

In addition, plastic bearings are often selected over metal bearings because they tend to allow for a more flexible design, and typically do not require any form of lubrication. Due to their incredible resilience and lack of need to be lubricated, they often have a long service life and require little, if any, maintenance.

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