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November 29, 2010

Have you ever wondered where all the trash would go, had there been no bins? All the unwanted papers would have crowded your office table for ages if some intelligent person did not come up with the idea of office bins. Not only would your office look untidy, it would have been difficult to work there. It is rightly said that you can concentrate on your work only if your surroundings are clean.

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After having thought how to get rid of the waste, a revolutionary idea of recycling was formulized. Recycling refers to processing the waste into something useful that helps the worthy contents of the trash to be utilized. The office waste is usually made up of paper, pen, wrappers, cardboard, tin nearly everything that can be used after being processed.

The government also has thought of launching a ‘zero waste’ policy according to which different trash bins would be installed to accumulate distinct type of wastes. It would be adopted not only for the households but will be implemented in the offices also. This would mean that a separate office bin shall be labeled for a specific type of waste.

There could be several ways to distinguish the different office bins that have been placed. Some of them have been listed as under.
•    The easiest method is to put labels on each office bin specifying the type of waste it is meant for.
•    Another approach in this direction is to maintain a color scheme that serves the purpose. It should be ensured that all the people who intend to use the office bins are aware of the color scheme.
•    Another way out is to fix the places where the specific office bins shall be kept. This becomes a bit tedious. No one would like to walk a mile to get rid of a piece of paper.

The concept of recycle and reuse not only makes your home and surroundings tidy but also lets our planet earth breath. Almost 80% of the trash is got rid by the method of landfill. Landfill is a method of dumping the waste into the grounds.
Many government policies have been introduced to keep a check on the amount of trash that can be dumped into the grounds. Nearly all the cities have a dedicated dumping ground.

If we install various office bin, household bins which are competent in helping us recycle the waste. It would not only reduce the problem of excessive land filling but will help us make new things from waste

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