If you are looking to make money while doing something good and useful for humanity, you should definitely start recycling. It is a profitable business that will never end since plastic is being used all over the world. One great example is bottles, which are annually being produced in billions, and tend to pollute the environment when thrown away. Starting a business in plastic bottles recycling is a great idea; one that will definitely generate profit in the years to come. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Bottle of Water Recycling Plastic Bottles: Things to Know

Research and get informed

As with every other business, you have to get informed about many things before you can start your own. For starters, you have to learn about the competition in your area. If there are already several companies doing the job, there may be none left for you. The next thing is profit: will you generate enough to cover all your expenses, storing rent, gasoline? Give your local recycling center a call, and ask them how much they pay per round/tone of plastic bottles. 

Ask all the additional information such as: do they pay extra for caps, do they refuse a bottle if it’s damaged, does bottle size matter, etc. Ask all the questions you want, and once you know everything, put everything down on paper and do the math. On the one hand, you have your expenses and on the other, your income. Is it worth it and can you make a good profit? If the answer is yes, proceed with the work and build your enterprise making this planet a cleaner and safer place to live in.

Target your market

Where do you want to get your bottles from? Are you thinking about collecting them from large office spaces or individual homes? Both can be a good source of profit. If you are creative enough, invest in recycling trash cans and place them on the streets where you normally collect bottles. Start with small areas at first, and as you develop your business, expand. Let people know what you’re doing and tell them that recycling should be done in order to preserve our planet. They will fill the cans, and your job is to collect them and take them for recycling. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

PET Bottles Recycling Plastic Bottles: Things to Know

Purchase a truck

In this business, having a truck which will collect and carry all the bottles is essential for success. At first, you will most likely have to start with one truck, but as your company grows and expands, you might have to get a few more. You can purchase a brand new one, or get a used one for a far cheaper price. Good places to start looking for a well maintained used vehicle are trusted online auctions. Other options to consider are leasing and renting one.

Get all the required permits

Before you do anything, make sure you have read and understood the legislative side of the work and acquired all of the necessary licenses to operate legally. If you don’t know where to start, check with the development department. They normally know all the information, so feel free to ask and get familiar with how things are done. These licenses can be expensive, so get ready to do some major investing before you can even earn a single dollar.

In a nutshell, recycling business is awesome for many reasons. Not only will you make money, but keep the Earth clean and healthy. The business has limitless possibilities for expanding, and if the future holds another type of portable plastic container for food or drinks, you’ll be able to recycle it and make more money.

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