People love to entertain and holidays usually mean eating with friends or families. Preparing dishes can be very tedious, so most prefer using disposable paper plates, cups, forks and spoons to save time and effort from dishwashing. Parties usually mean loads of trash to throw the next day.

ECO Friendly 447x284 Saving Mother Earth with Biodegradable Products
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To prevent plastics from filling landfills and causing damages to Mother Earth, manufacturers came up with compostable products in lieu of plastics and styrofoam. These are high quality disposable plates, bowls, containers, cutlery, cups and lids that are manufactured with the use of high quality eco-friendly renewable resources.

Using biodegradable products can reduce dependence on foreign oil and substituting plant-based for petroleum-based plastics can greatly contribute to waste diversion programs. Green products that are disposable and compostable are superior in strength and quality.

They are also designed to meet a wide range of food service requirements, are suitable for hot and cold foods, microwavable, refrigerator and freezer-safe, and are highly impermeable and non-toxic. Moreover, they are all durable, even comparable to the heaviest tableware in the market today.

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