The controversy over the conventional shopping bags is a reoccurring topic in a society flooded with various pollutants every day. The debate over plastic and biodegradable has received considerable attention, since most of the standard bags ended up as environmental waste. One step to reducing the malicious effects on the environment is by using biodegradable products. Here is why your bio bag is far better than the plastic one.

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Advantages of the BioBag

The biodegradable bags are just as good as the standard plastic ones in terms of strength. There are several categories. Plastic bio bags, for example, can both carry safely your grocery and protect the environment. Other types are composed of plant-based materials which makes them the most eco- friendly choice. Some paper bags even use soy ink for their logos. Because of the materials used in the bio bags, they can dissolve in nearly any kind of conditions. This puts an end to the problem with dumping the ocean with waste. On the other hand, plastic bags require far more energy for their production. To illustrate it, with the same amount of energy one can produce twice the quantity of biodegradable bags.

Bio vs. Plastic

Unlike bio bags, the plastic ones hardly ever decompose. They need hundreds of years and even then scientists are not sure if they will disappear completely. The plastic bags turn into smaller and smaller pieces with an infinite dissolving process. They contain polyethylene that is not recognized by any microorganism as food, therefore it cannot biodegrade. The plastic bags are affected by the ultraviolet radiation. When exposed to sun light the polyethylene becomes brittle and turn into microscopic granules. It is unclear what happens next with the remaining parts. Unlike the plastic bags, the biodegradable ones have a short decomposing process of only couple of weeks and hold no threats for the nature.

Cheap and Toxic- Free

One of the major benefits of the biodegradable bags is that no chemicals or petroleum based products are involved in the production process. This makes them an eco – friendly alternative. Not only that the plastic bags are poisonous, but they are expensive and add additional cost to your grocery bills. Another advantage is that the use of biodegradable bags will reduce the dependence on oil – the main component of their plastic equivalent.

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To Wrap it Up

The downside of the bio bags is that they are made of paper which is not completely environmental friendly. Of course, in most of the cases they consist of 100% recycled materials. The best scenario is to carry your own reusable fabric bag. Yet sometimes shoppers forget to bring them a long or there is just not enough space for the grocery. In this case always choose the bio bag.

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