In today’s society, everyone is worried about what goes into our bodies. We see banners and flyers everywhere telling us how we should be more health conscious. Even food packaging now contains a breakdown of calories and saturated fats. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, everyone knows about the issues regarding GM foods (foods which have been genetically modified using chemicals to grow quicker, larger, last longer etc.) so we try to opt for the organic foods. However, these are sometimes not available in the smaller supermarkets, or you may find that there is not a wide variety to choose from. Alternatively, you may find that your financial circumstances may not allow you to spend money on organic foods, since these are significantly more expensive than other foods.

Grown organic food Should you grow your own Organic Food?

So what do you do if you want to incorporate organic fruits and vegetables into your diet even though your finances won’t allow you to? Simple, grow your own! This article will discuss the advantages to growing your own food, hopefully making you consider the idea.

First of all we need to determine the differences between organic and non organic food. Organic food is naturally grown. No chemicals are used to enhance the produce or its growth. This is what makes it so good for your health. Non-organic food on the other hand, has been enhanced with the use of chemicals, which then end up in our bodies. Non-organic farming has been commonly criticised for its over use of pesticides, which keep the pests away for sure, but also end up being absorbed by the plants, and the food. However, do not be fooled and assume that all organic food is chemical free. Even within organic farming these days, pesticide use is not uncommon. Either way, these chemicals can cause our bodies a lot of harm and can cause many illnesses, which we do not want, desire or like.

Therefore, growing your own fruits and vegetables can be very advantageous. By growing your own food, you will be able to know exactly what chemical were and were not used. You will also feel a lot more at ease knowing what is going into your system. Organic farming can be done in your own Putney back garden, meaning that you would not even have to leave the comfort of your own home whilst growing your own health promoting fruits and vegetables.

Organic food Should you grow your own Organic Food?

If you do not have a back yard, or think that the area is too small to grow all the desired fruits and vegetables, you have the opportunity to contact your local city council and ask for a farming allotment. Many city councils have set aside allotments that can be hired out for farming or other gardening processes. Overall, this would still workout cheaper annually than buying organic fruits and vegetables for a year, so it is worth considering.

If you are unsure about the neutrality of your soil, you can always have it tested, or buy a do it yourself testing kit. After all, there is no use growing organic fruits and vegetables if your soil is contaminated by radiation, metal or any other substances.

If you are thinking about organic farming, you should definitely consider the advantages that come along with it. The sense of satisfaction you will feel knowing that you and your family are saving yourselves from harmful chemicals will definitely be worth the effort and time. Just remember: a healthier you equals a happier you!

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