Biodegradable plastics is one which decompose in the natural environments which may be “aerobic” which means composting or “anaerobic” which means landfill and so biodegradation may be attained through introduction as well as activation of microorganisms which metabolize plastic to humus such as consistency. This new consistency is quite less harmful and has less negative effects on environment.

biodegradable plastic Stay Eco Friendly With Biodegradable Plastic

There are various Bioplastic benefits on environment. Plastics based on Conventional petroleum make up about 25 percent of the landfills in USA and production of such plastics needs 200,000 barrels of oil each day. Such a notion with the biodegradable bags is self-destruct after some months by breaking in small pieces which is made up of simple molecules which can be consumed by fungi and bugs.

Several corporations are using biodegradable bags such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart, News international, Marriott hotels and few others. But on the other hand there are even criticisms for using green or the biodegradable bags such as few researches suggested that bags do not degrade and originally thought. Few companies which generate plastic bags even claim that these degrade completely in about 3 days while the conventional bags generally take more than 100 years. Few of them say that the bags decompose in about eighteen months.

However, biodegradable evolution is yet open for the innovation as well as widespread use of latest plastics which will depend on the demand of consumer and the commitment for resourcing conservation. This even depends on the developing technologies which may be successful in marketplace. Moreover, interest in development of the bio plastics which will be the function of extent which there is the concern over sustainable practices and environment. Biodegradable plastics can made of various kinds of plastics. These are created of bioplastics, which are plastics which is derived from the raw materials which are renewable.

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