There is a new way to go green every day. Once you think it had reached its peak, something new comes along and shows you ever more how to be ecologically friendly with your everyday routine.

Green working 447x298 The Benefits of Green Printing

  1. What is green printing?

No, green printing does not mean turning to the green ink instead of black ink you usually use. It implies a lot more than that. First of all, the resource we spend the most in printing is paper, so recycling it and using the recycled paper is the best contribution you can go for. When buying new printing paper, try looking for a “recycled” stamp on the labels, or looking for FSC or SFI certificate on the pack.

This way, if you own a company, you can include the SFI or FSC stamp on your printed material and spread the word even further. They stand for Forest Stewardship Council, and their goal is to maintain natural resources and decrease the impact on the animals, wildlife and environment. Another way to go green is using ecologically friendly inks, such as those based on soy. You can also use your standard printing equipment longer instead of just tossing it regularly. Fill toners and cartridges instead of buying new ones, and buy computers and printers that consume less energy.

  1. Why going for green printing

Going green in as many aspects of life as possible, on the big scale, has more impact on quality of our lives than we would ever imagine. Our ecological footprint is huge, and we usually do not even pay any attention to it. Once we do, our Mother Earth will be thankful to us and reward us in the long run. Producing paper in general, not just printing paper, implies using a lot of natural resources, such as wood and water and many potentially hazardous chemicals. It impacts soil, animals, people, and ruins the nature. Some of the ways to go green and save money too is printing when necessary only, using both sides of the paper, decreasing font size, etc.

  1. If you cannot do it yourself…

…have someone else do the printing for you. There are numerous shops and companies offering commercial printing, so make sure to ask around. Maybe some of your friends has already used them and could offer you some advice and give you some guidelines. Some of these companies offer you more than just plain printing services – if you need business cards, they can offer you attractive designs; if you need invitations to events or promotional material, they could have it as well; if you need a hand in publishing or you are thinking of running your own business in printing – there are ways to still benefit from getting to know what is there on the market.

Green living can mean various things: home decoration, furniture, sustainable fashion, even printing! If you embrace living according to green principles, your contribution may seem invisible to you, but it sure counts.

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