For decades now our planets has been in danger of global warming and all because of high pollution rates, incredible amounts of garbage, and emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. Even with things which are ‘green’ and ‘eco friendly’, there are still too many things which are not environmentally friendly. To have a product labelled as environmentally responsible, sustainable, and green, you should be sure it is made of the right materials, that it can be recycled, and that it is biodegradable, at least up to a point. There are many things to consider, but one should always come first: the future of our planet.

Eco bulb The truth behind eco friendly products and why they are important

How to know if the product is green

Environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient means of production are the main things which label a product s green. These products will have less impact on the environment, they will not contain elements which pollute soil or water, and their production process did not damage the ecosystem with toxins or other harmful chemicals. Recycled materials: aluminium, rubber, plastic, and paper, and biodegradable ones as well are definite markers that the product is safe and eco friendly. In addition, there are also products which use and promote natural and renewable energy sources.

How to find eco friendly products

There is really a lot to take into account when deciding whether a product is green or not, but you have to know at least a thing or two before you make your decision. You should see how certain organizations label the product in question, since there are many organizations which are qualified to make that call. Eco-labelling organizations that can be trusted are, for example, the Rainforest Alliance, Green Seal and The American Humane Association; they determine how eco friendly a product really is and help you find the ones which were created to be animal-friendly as well.

Do what you can to save paper

This means using recycled paper more and also re-using paper in your company, office, and home as well. When printing out things, make sure you use both sides of paper. Perhaps some timetables can have old contracts and lists on the back, it doesn’t matter if you don’t need them anymore. Conserving resources can also be achieved if you decide to use recycled paper; and this will be a subtle but effective way to demonstrate that your company is environmentally conscious. Especially if your business is focused on environmental concerns, spending a few dollars more on recycled paper is a minor concern; the welfare of our planet is by far more important.

Promotional Products The truth behind eco friendly products and why they are important

How to use more eco friendly products in your business

Instead of old school marketing strategies, e-marketing or online marketing means that you will be more environmentally friendly than before. This means less paper spent: less flyers and less direct mail. In addition, it is also way cheaper and equally (if not even more) effective. Social media advertising and online banners on convenient websites mean that your business will be seen and remembered without wasted paper. Moreover, offering green promotional products instead of regular ones will get you more people who share the same idea and vision as your company does.

Show how green your business is

If your company is green oriented and you want the world to know it, there are many insignias and logos which you can use to emphasize that. If you offer green products and you (or your business partners) participate in eco-friendly practices, show it clearly on your website, on your business cards, on billboards, emails, packaging, and promotional products. Standard recycling arrow logo along with Energy Star Rating logo will show to your clients, partners, and potential clients and partners that you care about environment.

Harm done to our planet and environment can be reduced and even reduced to minimum if we all adopted some green habits. It would make us happier and our planet healthier, and this is the reason why you should pay attention to the things you buy, wear, and eat. Minimal impact on the environment means more time for us on this planet as well.

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