Taking care of the environment should be at the core of every business. Not only is it good for our planet, but for all living things. Supporting a good cause is one of the things consumers prefer when choosing a brand; in fact, a study showed that 72% of consumers would recommend a brand which cared for a good cause. The data do not lie.

Nature Environment Tips on Making a Brand Event More Eco Friendly

If these reasons are good enough for you, and you have already decided that you want to make your brand eco-friendlier at an event, keep reading and find out how to do it in the following paragraphs.

  1. Digital invitations

Instead of sending out invitations via mail, and spending a lot of paper envelopes, cards and ink, the simplest and most painless way for the Earth would be to send invitations via email. Another option is to choose an invitation platform, such as Evite, or Google Calendar.  However, email should not be your latest resort. If you want to make sure the words about the event reach wider audience, use the power of social media and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and you can even make the event more exclusive by sending invitations via Snapchat, which has now risen to be one of the most influential social media platforms in the world.

  1. Green location

By green locations we do not mean going outside and holding the event in the park (unless you have the permission to do so). The location where you are planning to organise your event should be GBCA-certified, which means that it should contain all sustainable elements in it, such as green technologies, design practices and operations.

  1. No car-day

Cars are one of the greatest pollutants in the world. In order to prevent your guests destroying the Earth only for the sake of the event, you can encourage them not to come by car to your branding event. Instead, you can provide incentives for using public transportation. For example, you can even organise a bus which would pick them all up. Of course, the best solution would be using a bicycle, but if the occasion is formal, it would not be that appropriate (unless you live in the neighbourhood). However, if there is no other way of not using the car, you can remind them that they can organise themselves to come in groups of four or five so that there is no need of using five cars.

  1. Food recovery and green caterers

Green catering has become a revolutionary type of catering in the last few years. Green caterers use local and sustainable ingredients which are eco-friendly and recyclable. If you want to stay all-natural, you should make a food recovery plan for your brand event, which means that you do not throw away unused food and products, but rather donate them to those in need. You can also make a deal with local organisations and give the food to charity after the event.

Reusable bottles Tips on Making a Brand Event More Eco Friendly

  1. Reusable bottles

A lot of waste is made at gatherings and events. These come usually from packaging and water cups. Find recyclable materials which you will dispose of in a water/plastic/glass containers after the event, so that you are sure they are going to be reused. Instead of using disposable water cups which create a lot of waste and pollute the Earth, you can encourage your employees to bring their own water bottles into which they can pour water or any other beverage for as many times as they want. You can even encourage them to use custom water bottles so as not to cause confusion and have someone mix the bottles up.

As you can see, there are numerous ways of greening your brand event. You just need to make a green plan and have everything sorted out in advance. Your clients and partners are sure going to appreciate that.

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