This year, why not give the environment around you a gift by having a green Christmas or an eco-friendly Christmas. There are plenty of new ideas you could try out this year that will not leave our planet rumbling while at the same time not take away the fun you are so much used to during the festive season. If you treasure the environment around you and are ready for an eco-friendly Christmas, then the tips below will come in very handy.

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Use reusable shopping bags

The first item you’ll require before you go shopping this holiday is a reusable eco-friendly shopping bag. Carrying your own bag to the store when you go shopping can be very good for the environment as this helps to keep litter off the streets.

Shop and ship online

For those planning to go shopping, why not go ahead and shop green? For example if you are buying gifts for family members staying out of town, consider having their gifts sent directly to them rather than driving there yourself. This will reduce on the emissions, hassles and time.

Choose recyclable holiday cards

When buying holiday season cards, look out for those minus ribbons and foils as these can easily be recycled. Also opt for cards with post-consumer recycled content. You can also use e-cards.

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Green gift wrapping

Most of the wrapping material currently on the market has a lot of clay and less of paper making them hard to recycle or decompose when dumped. For this Christmas, get creative and try to use reusable alternatives like posters, newspapers, calendars, maps and fabric just to name a few. You can also put the gifts in reusable bags that the recipients can use when they go shopping.

Use LED holiday lights

LED lights consume 80% less energy and last 10 times longer than traditional Christmas bulbs. Apart from being more durable, they are also more shock resistant because they have no moving parts, glass or filaments. They are also more beautiful and cost effective compared to traditional lights.

Buy products made from recycled materials

Regardless of what is on your shopping list this Christmas, why not insist on items made from recycled materials or products that are eco-friendly every time you go shopping. By buying products made using recycled materials, you are supporting the green movement and making the possibility of a green Christmas very likely.

Eat green

This Christmas, why don’t you opt for only whole foods rather than processed foods? Whole foods will reduce on the amount of packaging you will need. Besides being eco-friendly, they are also very good for your health and waistline.

Use real plates instead of paper plates or plastic plates. While it’s always tempting to use paper plates during the holiday season because of the cleaning involved afterwards, this year, why not do it for our planet by using real plates and utensils and not disposables which may take time to decompose.

With these tips, you will be able to have an eco-friendly Christmas without having to miss any of the fun. If you intend to travel to the U.S for this year’s Christmas, visit the ESTA website to find out if you qualify for the visa waiver program.

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