Engineers and designers have been turning to Torlon retail materials because this polymer provides an incredibly reliable performance at exceptionally high temperatures and stress. The parts made of this engineering thermoplastic are able to function under conditions that are typically too severe for many other types of thermoplastics. This is why it is often used for many applications, including aerospace, process, transportation, business equipment, heavy equipment, as well as electrical and electronics.

Microscope 447x298 Torlon Retail Provides Reliable Performance Meets Design Cha

There are several commercialized Torlon grades that can be split into two groups: high-strength grades and wear-resistant grades. The high-strength variety performs more like metals when exposed to elevated temperatures (500°F), even when they are subjected to substantial stress. Furthermore, these grades are well suited for load-bearing and repeatedly used precision mechanical parts. As for the grades that fall into the wear-resistant category, the inherent lubricity of these materials are enhanced with additives, so they can offer reliable service in environments that are lubricated and non-lubricated.

Torlon retail can meet design challenges, and this isn’t only because of its high performance, creep resistance, wear resistance, excellent thermal stability, and many other characteristics, but also because it offers difficult design problems a cost-effective solution. The reason this polymer is less expensive than many other exotic thermoplastics, is due to the fact that it is injection-moldable, which results in exact replication and low unit cost.

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